Kinguin For Charity - Christmas Edition 2014

Brace yourself! Christmas Tournament is coming! Kinguin Charity online Tournament 12th - 14th December! Face the real professional players and win prize pool of $5000! Join the battle now and help kids!

You have a chance to face the best esport players in Hearthstone - one of the most popular games on Twitch! For total prize pool of $5,000 will compete teams: Fnatic, ihearthu, Cloud9, TempoStorm, TeamLiquid and Archon Gaming. You have a unique opportunity to meet them and fight for a good cause!

The tournament will be live on Twitch so your skills will be admired by thousands of viewers! Do not waste this opportunity to become a star! Join our charity auction on ebay, where bidders can gain a spot in the tournament!*

Brace yourself for the battle!!!

*100% of the donations will go to charity, the highest bidder will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament, during the whole event viewers will be able to donate to Child's Play - our charity partner - and equally shared between 4 hospitals in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. 

Donate now to help children in need. Every little step counts. Your LITTLE help will be a BIG change to the needy.