There were only 3 in the end, here’s who they are!

You guys showed us the love and so here you go!

We had a phenomenal response from the community, and so we are happy to announce the winners - mind you it was a super difficult decision to make but in the end we found the following ones the best!

1st place - Ilhammulah Azdi

Kinguin @ Monas

Prize: 1x Team Kinguin Jersey, 1x MGSVTPP + €20 voucher

2nd place - Milena Radevic

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Prize: 1x Mad Max + €15 euro voucher

3rd place - Mateo Hudoletnjak

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Prize: €10 euro voucher

Prizes were given out on creativity and of course amount of hard work done by the participant to win these amazing prizes.

Enjoy your prizes guys and for the rest of you stay tuned to further competitions and a big announcement too!

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!