Kinguin Apps gain speed...

... and customer center, and more languages, and many, many other features!

It's been a while since our last dev diary and a lot of changes happened to our apps during this time.


We could've start with describing all bug fixes, but there was just too many of them - as wise man once said - "over 9000!!!".

You, our dear users, will definitely feel an improvement in the stability and speed of our apps, but we know that "just working as it should" is not enough, so lets talk about new features.

New home page layout on Android!

At the begining of the beta stage our home layout was just a cosmetic redesign of our web page. It worked well, but we listened to your feedback - mostly about difficulties in changing the tabs, and how "it looks empty on larger phones and tablets".

So we went back to the drawning board and start all ofer. Effect? Just check by yourselves:

For those of you who liked previous web-alike version... Don't worry! You can simply roll back in settings menu and uncheck "Use new home screen" option.

More languages!

4 new languages are now availablefor you: German, Italian, French and Bulgarian! By default app will use language of your system on the device, but like previously, you can change it in settings menu!

Customer Support Center!

Tired of checking your mail every 5 minutes to check if you have reply to your ticket? Now all your tickets are avialable via app! That's not everything! You want to create new ticket fast and easy? No problem! You need to attach screenshot - no problem either! You can even use your phone camera to take a photo and attach it directly!

Share and earn!

Found some interesting offer on Kinguin and want to share it among your friends? One tap and it's done! But that's not everything (we always want to add something extra ;) ).  Are you a part of Kinguin Mafia? When you share something via app - it is connected to your affiliate account! Share'n'earn!

Be APP-to-date! Apps avialable on:



Don't forget to leave your ideas for upgrades in comments below. For Gamers, from Gamers.