Kinguin Android App. ver 0.7.8

Sometimes it's the little things that count the most. We introduce the 0.7.8 version of Kinguin Android App.

First of all we fixed some minor but annoying bugs:

  • Fixed bugs related to saving app state
  • Fixed bugs related to app returning from background
  • Fixes in shopping cart for users with physical keyboard

Then we improved already existing features:

  • Praise and criticism - just so you can tell us directly what you like or dislike in our App so we can change it the way you, our dear user like the most.
  • Pictures in gallery are displayed in highest resolution
  • Visual improvements in shopping cart
  • Visual improvements in game library view

And finally we added long awaited feature - Advanced search with filter and sort options:

With the touch of your finger you can now filter the games in specified price range, metascore, platforms and regions. You can also filter only titles that are new on our platform, game DLCs and/or preorders.

You can also sort search result as you want: by bestsellers,game metascore rating,price or simply put them in alphabetical order!

Be APP-TO-DATE and download latest version from:



Don't forget to leave your ideas for upgrades in comments below. For Gamers, from Gamers.