Grab the key to neverending darkness!

We invite you to take part in another giveaway with BeneluxGamers, a Dutch gamers community. This time we are going to hand out Dark Souls III, the must-play title of this month!

Enter the darkness

In the third part of the trilogy you become the nameless warrior who must defeat the Lord of Cinder, and to do so he must step onto very dark path…

Explore the gloom, admire the outstanding scenery, and turn all encountered enemies into dust. New combat system, new weapons and spells, great visuals, and a good old story!

You can have it... if you dare.


And what Benelux Gamers wants to tell about themselves?

Are you looking for a Dutch speaking 16+ pc multi-gaming community? Stop looking, because a new community has been born called Benelux Gamers. was established late 2015. Soon a TeamSpeak server was launched with an awesome functional website. Benelux Gamers main goal is to be a fun community where we can offer services to gamers in the Benelux. Every gamer can join us in playing games on our game servers and talk with us on our TeamSpeak server, without being a member of the community. You don't have to be active on our forum or website to keep your membership. No, just have fun in gaming. That's why you are a pc gamer!

How to enter the giveaway? Follow Kinguin and BeneluxGamers on social media via this app below.

The more social media you follow the bigger your chance to win is!

Good luck!

Grab the key to neverending darkness!

The giveaway starts on April 5th 2016 and ends on April 11th 2016.

In order to receive your prize, please contact us at [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners. Please include: “Grab the key to neverending darkness!” in the message or its title.