KatGunn wants to share!

KatGunn will set you up with the most awaited game of this year! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is here! We have 2 copies to giveaway, are you ready to take it home?

The last part of the trilogy is now within arm’s reach! Geralt of Rivia will once again show you what tracking & hunting is all about! The Witcher will take you on an unforgettable adventure packed with witchcraft, enigmas and danger – here every choice has its consequences... Amazing visuals, a story-driven open world, multidimensional characters and a fantastic combat system… It’s an amazing experience for everyone!

Kat Gunn, also known as Mystik, is a long-time streamer and competitive gamer. She generally plays the latest game releases as she strives to reach competitive levels of play in every genre of gaming. Kat grew up with a family of gamers and continues to play with them on Twitch.tv/KatGunn. You can find her playing games like Dance Central with her sister, to FPS and fighting games like Mortal Kombat/Heroes of the Storm with Wolf (her dad). She regularly plays with her viewers and is one of the more personable and approachable streamers on Twitch. Her risqué personality has made her a fan favourite among her Twitch audience, and she would love for you to be a part of the "Gunn Klub". She can be found streaming almost daily starting between 6 and 7 PM Pacific.

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KatGunn wants to share!

Winners will be announced on 20th May

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days!

Happy Hunting!