June 2014 Top Game Releases

The last several months were really good for gamers, having so many big game titles released. June is the next promising month for gamers before the quietness of July.

Here is what is coming for you this June:

1. Wildstar- June 3th 

Wildstar is promising to be a really different MMO experience and offers a lot of freedom to players. You can choose from two factions, six classes, four paths and even further customize your character. Players who played the beta seem to be satisfied of the game and are looking forward to the release on June 3th. (CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)

2. Murdered: Soul Suspect - June 6th

The next chapter Murdered gives you the hardest murder to solve - your own. The story of the game is unique for detective games - the detective protagonist can no longer interrogate suspects or interact with evidence at the crime scene but now when dead he can use his ghostly abilities. (CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)

3. Enemy Front - June 13th

You are sent to the Enemy Front - Nazi controlled territories during World War II and you have to fight against the regime the way that suits you the best - sniping your enemies from afar or sneaking past them and sabotaging their postition. (CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)

4. Grid Autosport- June 27th

The next Grid game is what Codemasters describe to be:

Particularly as this game is, at its heart, inspired by you guys, our core community.

(CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)

5. Sniper Elite 3 - June 27th

The third game of the fan loved Sniper Elite series sends you to Africa and yet again lets you enjoy the gruesome killcam - you can see the bullet piercing your enemies' bodies, breaking bones and skulls in slow motion. (CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)

6. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - June 27th

PvsZ: Garden Warfare is a unique FPS with a good sense of humor, revolving around the highly addictive Plants vs Zombies game series. The game has been available for consoles for several months already and it will be its PC debut. Prepare for a lot of fun battling zombies and plants in Garden Warfare. (CLICK HERE to compare prices and buy)