Join Linneafly giveaway! Win a Doom game key and money to spend on Kinguin.

It has been a long time since the first part of Doom was brought into the daylight. Did you know it was published exactly 23 years ago?

This year it’s coming back and it brings so much more than just nostalgia.

The fourth edition of the notorious FPS, as always, includes a heavy dose of horror, but this time the developers have focused on fast and dynamic action, brutal gameplay and the protagonists abilities.

And one more thing: it has an expanded multiplayer mode equipped with SnapMap – a tool for creating custom maps and new game modes!

Join our giveaway and become a doom marine who has to save the world from a demonic invasion.

Meet the host!

Linnea “Linneafly” Maria is a Norwegian streamer and youtuber. She started her adventure in 2013, but she has play games since she was a child. Dolls were never her thing, but Nintendo games, quite the opposite. On the list of games she enjoys the most you can find WoW, LoL and Diablo. She’s also a huge fan of her bengal cat Leon; visit her twitch channel and you will hear his purring for sure.

How to join the giveaway?

As always, use the app below to enter the giveaway. Follow Kinguin and Linneafly on social media. To boost your chances – follow as much sm as possible.

Join Linneafly giveaway!

The giveaway starts on May 13th and ends on May 18thWinners will be announced on My19th.