Buying CS:GO skins has never been so easy!

Buying CS:GO skins has never been so easy!

With the Kinguin iOS App you can get your skins at anytime from anywhere.

Stuck in a boring meeting? Does your mother in law keep you hostage at the Sunday dinner? Your girlfriend wants to watch “The Notebook” again?

It’s time to act like a true CS:GO player and regain control of your life! Reach for your phone...and jazz up your weapon! But do it discreetly, you don’t want to be killed before you start that game, do you?

We’ve upgraded our Kinguin App for iOS a little bit and now you can go shopping without moving from the couch! We have over 40,000 CS:GO items to choose from.

It doesn’t matter where you are, all you need to do is to launch your app and start browsing!

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