Indie Valley partners up with pop culture websites to promote independent games

Kinguin Indie Valley, a platform for independent video games, has established a partnership with IndieWatch, Movies Room, and Ostatnia Tawerna (The Last Tavern). The goal is to promote indie titles both inside and outside the gaming community, among the people interested in pop culture.

Indie Valley supports independent games in two ways. First, it gives developers visibility on the Kinguin marketplace with 7.5 million customers buying 15,000 games each day, without any middlemen. It also helps developers retain full control over their pricing policy while receiving an unrivalled revenue share.

The partnership between Indie Valley and three influential websites will result in additional publicity for ambitious independent developers and cross-promotion for the websites.



Website created by gamers, game developers and artists who wish to share their knowledge and opinions about the independent gaming industry. The editorial crew analyzes games and game-related trends, writes walkthroughs and provides other high-quality content, oftentimes pioneering the way for the indies in the digital entertainment industry.

The website will create a column for Indie Valley's partner studios, where developers will be able to share their know-how about the production of games, their marketing and sales tactics.

Fernando Teles, IndieWatch:

"Finally! A platform that lets indies easily reach millions of gamers while staying truly independent. Developers thrive at Indie Valley and we love it."

The Last Tavern (Ostatnia Tawerna)

This Polish website covers everything about fantasy and science-fiction, while touching on the cultural influences of both genres.

The Last Tavern will show their readers the most intriguing games available at Indie Valley. It will also publish interviews with developers and articles about the indie industry.

Michał Ostiak, The Last Tavern:

“Indies' presence in pop culture is getting stronger and we are glad that, thanks to Indie Valley, even more gems will get a chance to reach mainstream gamers. Plenty of indie games provide experiences comparable to triple-A titles from big publishers. It'd be a shame if they didn't get their 15 minutes of fame.”

Movies Room

This website was created by one of the most popular film bloggers in Poland. Since the line between movies and games is becoming more and more blurred, he's also interested in gaming.

Indie Valley will provide Movies Room review copies of games and become a sponsor for giveaways.

Krzysztof Wdowik, Movies Room:

“Indie Valley is an initiative I'm personally a fan of. We live in a beautiful time when game creators aren't really restricted. Among all the scandals, such as the lootbox predicament, indie games prove that passion and creativity are still welcome in the industry. Indie Valley promotes these values and I like it very much.”

Dominik Głowacki, Head of Indie Valley:

“It's not a coincidence that all the websites we partner with have one thing in common: passion is what they value the most. Small game studios don't have a marketing budget, which forces the indie industry to rely largely on the word of mouth. We want to connect indies with the greatest possible number of internet users and potential gamers. We popularize indies also among the fans of film or comic books, because games are a medium for telling wonderful stories, often comparable with admired novels or fantasy films.”

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