Treat yo’ mates to a Kinguin Gift Card this winter!

Ho Ho Ho! The holiday season is on!

It’s the best time to show some love to your gamer friends! And what’s a better way of doing that than getting them some actual games?

So, if you’re looking for a gift for your gamer friend, why don’t you try Kinguin Gift Cards? They come in all shapes and sizes! No lie on that one - the redeemable gift card code we give you can be printed on anything you like - your imagination is the only limit! Each code comes with a cute penguin graphic of your choice!

But anyway, it’s the content that matters here amirite? Kinguin Gift Cards come in five versions: €3, €5, €15, €25 or even €50.

So you still want to get it? Head over to: to get a Gift Card and learn how to use it effectively.

Low on cash? Why don’t you try your luck and sign up for our giveaway? How to do it? Fill in your details in the gleam app below - also don’t forget to follow our social media (implying you don’t!). You can win €3, €5, €15, €25 or even €50 vouchers to spend in our e-store. 

Make someone’s Holidays super cool with Kinguin Gift Card.

And with being there for them, ‘cause that’s what really matters.

Also, remember that Kinguin’s got all dem scorching hot releases waiting to find their place on your shelf (or more like... in your Steam library).

The giveaway starts on Dec. 8 and finishes on Dec. 15. In case you won please contact us on [email protected] within seven days from announcing the lucky winners.

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