We brainstormed, programmed and ATE A TON OF PIZZA at Kinguin's Hackavaganza

The first edition of our very own hackathon is over. It was an event to remember!

Kinguin’s HACKAVAGANZA was the 24-hour long coding fiesta for all Kinguiners who could say” “Yes, I truly love programming,” and would like to work on not-so-serious projects just for fun and fame. Our hackathon’s motto was “Absurdity is the ecstasy of intellectualism”, so the only criteria we’ve made when it comes to choosing the best project was CREATIVITY.

Five teams from Poznań and Plovdiv participated in a programming contest and celebrated their love for coding in a most productive and loaded-by-fun way. It was a really good time all around! Brains were storming and ideas struck! Here's what they came up with.

Team Kasztaniaki - 2D Mobile Game with Kinguin. Great fun, it's like a classic NES action platformer, but less sane!

Team Janush Pool - Feed My Team – app for ordering food in the office. That's one we surely need.

Team KTO CI UKRADŁ MARZENIA - Coaching Plugin for Chrome. This is an idea worth developing!

Team Jeko Snejen - 2D Arena Game with Kinguin. Because people should know penguins are fierce warriors!

But the winners are...

Team Bramersi

Visual Recognition System for Licence Plates. ...wait, what? Yes, they've created a fully functional and useful application with a variety of potential uses in just 24 hours. It works, and it works well! Here’s the sneak peak of their solution.

Wow, congratulations!

In a true sporting spirit the champions donated their award (an electronic store voucher) to charity.

We'll see each other again very soon - at Kinguin's Hackavaganza #2.