GTA V Gameplay Trailer!

Right I know that GTA V hasn’t been announced for the PC but we can dream right? After the gameplay trailer that was released today I can only hope that Rockstar sees sense and releases GTA V on the greatest platform in the land.


All I can say is wow. From the set pieces to the tennis everything looks spectacular; it certainly reminds me of my one of my favourite franchises of all time Yakuza. I find it hard to list everything shown in this trailer but the things that stand out certainly do just that. For the first time ever in GTA you can switch between all 3 characters at a whim. In a mission this gives a rather interesting tactical twist to the gameplay. As shown in the trailer, the option of abseiling down a building while the other character covers you is certainly an exciting prospect and I look forward to seeing how this is capitalised upon. I wish that there was a 3 player coop option but sadly I think that will remain a wish.

Though on the subject of multiplayer Rockstar teased right at the end with GTA Online, with a jet flying past a window. It certainly looks maniacal and that is a good thing as GTA IV was a bit more conservative in nature compared to the previous iterations. Vice City is my personal favourite and all GTA V needs right now is a great soundtrack and I think ‘V’ will be set to take over Vice City’s crown.

From my first point on a PC port there may be hope, as a recent job listing suggests they are looking for someone to help bring their latest titles to PC. Could this also mean a long overdue release for Red Dead Redemption? I certainly hope so.