Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC has been delayed again…

Remember that Wyclef Jean song - Gone Till November? The developers of GTA 5 surely do! January, February, March… sounds familiar?  GTA won’t come out until April.

At first, the GTA 5 version for PC should have appeared in January, then it was pushed to March, and now, when March is almost here, everything has changed again... The Rockstar Games Studio claims that one of the most awaited games of this year won’t come
out until April 14th…

PC owners just have to wait… but, honestly, it is worth the wait.

You can love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that Grand Theft Auto is one legendary game. Filled with violence, controversy and immersive gameplay, this one is a huge money making machine! Everyone’s heard about it and probably every gamer’s played it at least once in a lifetime.

That’s why this news hurts so much… but instead of being on pins and needles you can check our pain killers - top 5 games perfect to play while waiting for GTA 5.

1. Saints Row 4
2. Sleeping Dogs
3. Just Cause
4. LA Noire
5. GTA 4