GosuAwards 2015 Hearthstone. Kinguin nominated!

We are happy to declare that Kinguin’s production team was nominated for the best Hearthstone production in 2015!

GosuAwards have granted awards in various eSports categories since 2005.The GosuGamers team nominates candidates for each category, but the decisive vote belongs to the community, picking a winner is fully a community choice.

“While ESL and DreamHack competed about who would put up the better LAN event, Kinguin conquered the online world. The Kinguin team started with small-time invitationals only to pull off the massive challenge called KPL, Hearthstone's first ever ongoing league.” – GosuGamers wrote.

The Kinguin Pro League started in February and was divided into two separate divisions: Alliance and Horde (for 10 players each) that were playing against each other for 10 weeks.

20 of the top world Hearthstone players such as: Amaz, Firebat, Kolento, Lifecoach, Strifecro and ThijsNL faced each other to reach the victory!

The league was observed by 2,540,460 people!

We are very happy that our devotion to bring joy to e-sport fans met a warm welcome and that we were nominated to receive this award. The nomination alone gives us a lot of satisfaction, and motivates us to step up our game to even higher level.

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Once again, thank you very much for your support, and see you soon during our next event!

Keep your fingers crossed!