Guinness World Record is ours - Gordon made it!

Kinguin is proud to announce that our indestructible collegue managed to break the World Guinness Record! He played for 136 hours 1 minute and 23 seconds (6 days) in row to raise money for charity!

Gordon, KinguinTV streamer, was the first person ever to unlock this enormous achivement! He spent 6 days playing Sniper Elite III with only 10 minutes breakes every hour. This is equal to 4 hours a day – and he had to eat, sleep, use facilities and get throught medical checks withing this time. Besides killing virtual enemies he had to fight with his own body – such long marathon is extremally exhausting.

Gordon determined

Money raised during the event will go to Child's Play to support 4 hospitals in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated even 1€! Special thanks go to our top donators: Team2g, Johnny, Reckful and compLexity Gamingyou are just awesome!

Of course Gordon was not alone with his mission – he had a whole team supporting him during whole event. Those of you who watched Gordon live on our Twitch channel were able to watch all kinds of shows prepared by KinguinTV streamers, participate in giveaways and even take a chance to win a headset with Tricks2g's signature!

Colorful party at PGA

The most important thing during whole marathon was to keep Gordon safe and sound. During whole event a team of doctors, masseurs and nurses was taking care of Gordon and making sure that he is able to continue his quest. Luckily Gordon was well prepared, he was learning a special sleeping technique and doing a training 48 hours seassions.

Whole Kinguin Team is extremally proud of our champion! Go Gordon!