Giveaway with Team SoloMid

Kinguin giveaway with Team SoloMid during IEM Katowice! Grab Assassin’s Creed:Rogue, Battlefield Hardline or some cash to spend!


Jump into action with us and win famous AAA titles! 2 copies of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, 2 copies of Battlefield Hardline! Or 2 times $30 balance to splurge on Kinguin! IEM is coming, baby!

The Intel Extreme Masters are a series of international e-sports tournaments taking place in different countries around the globe. They are one of the biggest and most important events in e-sports. Tournaments created by ESL are a true feast for every e-sport fan fromevery corner of the world. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft II - you can enjoy them all!

This month belongs to Poland. On the 13th of March Top World players will gather in Katowice to give you the best entertainment ever, like the World Championships Finals for Starcraft II and League of Legends or a chance to witness the best CS:GO gamers and masters of Hearthstone!

Team SoloMid’s League of Legends and CS:GO divisions will take part in this huge event and Kinguin is going to be there too! It’s a perfect occasion to celebrate, don’t you think?


The giveaway starts on 12th of March and ends on 15th of March!
Winners will be announced on March 16!

All winners will be contacted via email:

Jon B
Thanasis T
Fernando H
Casilliero D
James M
Baran R

Congratz guys!