Warhammer or Overwatch? TLR.eSports and TheDragonHat bring you both!

Would you rather ride dragons or fight in the superheroes squad?

We have two amazing games to giveaway. If you haven’t decided yet which one is best for you, let us give you a small introduction to both.

Total War: Warhammer

In the Warhammer universe different races roll together a continual struggle for power and domination of the world, while they are unaware of the fact that the real threat is approaching from the north powerful force. In Total War: Warhammer we stand on the side of one of the races, such as humans, orcs, goblins, dwarves and vampires. Warhammer combines the management of the state in a turn-based system with epic battles rolled in real time.

The game is packed with magical landscapes and amazing creatures - for the first time in the Total War series you can actually bestride flying beasts! From wild dragons and ruthless wyverns to gigantic griffons.

Total War: Warhammer


In the near future, the world is on the brink of global war. Robots, called omnics are to fight against their creators. To defend themselves humans created the Overwatch organization - a group consisting of diverse units: villains, retired heroes, and even a gorilla scientist.

The purpose of this group is simple: to maintain world peace and to stop the rebellious robots.

Overwatch defeated the rebellious machines, and its members became the heroes of the world.

After the Omnic Crisis, the group was transformed into a peaceful organization, but over time, the organization began to fade, and finally, after a mysterious explosion at Overwatch Headquarters, the group was disbanded…

Now, they are back!


The giveaway starts on the 24th of May and ends on the 30th of May. Join the fun now, by this app below. Subscribe, follow and like Kinguin and our partners on social media channels.

One Overwatch and one Total War:Warhammer CD Keys are waiting for the winners!

Warhammer or Overwatch? TLR.eSports and TheDragonHat bring you both!

About our partners:

TheLastResort is an eSport hub that supports and nurtures the best video gamers within the UK, attending different gaming events both in the UK and also Europe.

Andy Cowley aka TheDragonHat offers a full range of voices for whatever production you desire. He was born in Warwickshire UK and discovered his love of voice acting mostly through gaming.