Games You Can Play Even On Netbook

Are you angry that while watching trailers of new AAA+ class games you already know that even if it somehow starts on your computer all you will see is 3fps slideshow? Gaming market don't ends on the big budget, hi-end productions. Especially when that big "hits" turns out to be true copy of the previous game (yes, I'm thinking about CoD) and/or filled with bugs on release (yes, I'm thinking about new Batman).

Welcome on indie gaming market. Let me be your guide.

First of all lets set maximum system requirements of the game.
CPU - Intel Atom N455 1,66GHz (1 core)
Integrated Graphics - Intel GMA 3150
I think that's not much, right? So what games can we play on it?

1. Hotline Miami

Anyone who will see this game will ask - How production with such terrible graphics and so ruthlessly brutal managed to get so many industry awards and accolades? Anyone who has a few minutes to play in Miami Hotline will stop to ask that question.

Hotline Miami is incredible playability and the incredible ugliness in one. This is a game where killing in different ways is a goal in itself, by which we gain more and more points. Addictive as hell.

2. The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac looks like a simple arcade game, and generally this is the case. But the story telling is... creepy :)

The story start with mother of Isaac(main character), that under the influence of religious television programs decides to kill his son (and TV is telling us that games make young people aggressive;) ).

Isaac escapes into the cold and musty basement full of hideous monsters. His task will be to get out of this unpleasant location, and it will not be easy. While the initial levels are very simple and whole game can be played in an hour or two, but there is no such power, which would allow you to complete it the first time. Neither the fifteenth.

3. Thomas Was Alone

Sorry... Is this a game about adventures of red rectangle? Yes. I recommend game about the adventures of a red rectangle, that is not a mistake.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. In this production you will meet squares and rectangle of different colors, personalities and skills, and even ... sex. Fun is on the skilful use of them in order to get to the exit at the end of the stage.

You can buy this game for less than 2 Eur what makes it really worth a try.

4. Super Hexagon

It is hard to find simpler rules - the player control the arrow and avoid oncoming obstacles. Does something like this can be interesting? Play once. Lose. Play the second, third and fifth time. Note that there is a lower level of difficulty than the "Hard" and play on. A long time. Forget about Dark Souls - this is game for hardcore games not for pussies!

5. Retro City Rampage

GTA made for 8-bit computers. That's all. It have also a lot of references to other games. People with little sense of humor should stay out of this game.

6. Lone Survivor

Now turn off the lights. If you think that 2D, pixel graphic game can not be a scary survival horror just try it. Game was inspired by the Silent Hill series and shows that all you need to create game is a good idea.
Our character wakes up alone in a world overrun by horrifying monsters. He thinks he is the last survivor of the human species. Is he right? What's this all happen? How to get out? Driven by the hope of finding other survivors, goes ahead, it will be a road full of horror.


And what do you think about that? Do you have other propositions of games that fit those system requirements? Share with us in comments.