G2.Kinguin - let's celebrate! Giveaway!

Kinguin + Gamers2 = G2.Kinguin! 

We have been extremely blessed with the variety of partners that we have been working with over the course of our time in Esports. And on Friday we announced that our CS:GO team from Team Kinguin would be joining the ranks of Ocelote’s brand - Gamers2.

In Gamers2 we found the right kind of partner and more importantly a team that sees eye to eye on where Esports is headed. At this moment we want to re-iterate that we are here to stay in Esports, we have worked with a variety of teams and we are grateful for all the lovely people who represented Kinguin. This is just the beginning for us, we took our first steps in the scene this year and we are looking forward to more years in Esports.

In Kinguin we are confident that this is the right step for us and we’re very excited to support this team. As part of this announcement, we want to spread the love in the form of gift cards worth €20. All you have to do is perform the actions below.

The competition will run from 15th of September to the 20th of September. The winners will be announced here on 21st of September.

G2.Kinguin Giveaway!

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!