First match, first win! Team Kinguin debuts with victory!

Just yesterday our newly formed Counter Strike: Global Offensive dream team, appropriately named Team Kinguin, played its first match in the StarLadder Steel Series Season XIII group stage. And with that first match they took their first victory!

Their opponents, ex-Copenhagen Wolves now playing under the name of Undefined, tried hard but finally succumbed 2-0 in a dramatic BO3. Only two maps were played – de_overpass and de_inferno. The first map was convincingly won by Team Kinguin 16-12. Undefined, however, showed their strength on the second map, giving Team Kinguin a hard time, forcing it to overtime and taking it to the final score of 19-16.

This 2-0 win is a good sign and capital for the future – we are waiting for more! Go Team Kinguin!

Danniel Morales, coach and manager of Team Kinguin, had this to say after the match:

“Yesterday it took us couple of rounds to actually get into it. We didn’t start as we usually do and only after a while we noticed that we were playing safer than we should if we want to use our true strength – dueling anytime possible.

We said before that we would not let the pressure take control. But you know how it is – the “first official game” brings a lot of pressure, so, being only human we felt both the pressure and a bit of stage fright. Fortunately, we managed to overcome it.
The most positive outcome of that match is of course the feedback which you can get only in a live, real game in the tournament. Thanks to that we will be able to progress even faster.”