Our Facebook fan page got 500k thumbs up! We want to repay!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve crossed the magical number of 500k likes on Facebook! Yeah! And all the credit goes to you! Wow! You are awesome!

To thank you for being with us we are having a huge giveaway!

500 lucky winners will receive a free game key! No joke!


500 free titles are up for grabs! Which titles? Let us bring light to some of them:

Dead Space 2 Origin

Deus EX Human Revolution Steam

Fallout 4 Steam

Mass Effect 2 Steam

Trials Evolution GOLD Edition Uplay

Might and Magic: Heroes VI  Uplay

Anno 2070 Uplay

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Steam

and many more!

The rules for this are simple: First come, first served!
How to get your key? Simply complete any 2 actions below to unlock your activation code! 
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All you need to do is hurry up! Good luck Guys!


500 keys for 500 k's

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