ESL One New York discount code info.

ESL One New York takes place between Oct. 1 and 2 in Barclays Center, Brooklyn. It is one of the biggest eSports events comprising a Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament including the biggest teams in the field.


There will be a chance for fans to see the members of G2Esports team during a meet and greet hosted by Kinguin.

Celebrate with us through multiple discounts and contests!

During ESL One New York, Kinguin will distribute flyers with a special $2 discount code. Here are the terms and conditions concerning the use of flyers:

1. A single flyer coupon allows for a single discount.
2. A flyer coupon contains a code used to redeem the discount. It can only be used with purchases on
3. The $2 discount can be redeemed only with purchases over $9.99.
4. The discount code is valid from Sept. 30 until Oct. 4. 
5. Discount coupons distributed at ESL One New York are subject to availability.
6. Discount coupons are exclusive to ESL One New York and will not be available outside of the event.
7. Kinguin reserves the right to terminate or change the offer at any time.