Embrace the Darkness with Tara and Grab one of 2 Dark Souls III keys!

Tara goes dark... join her!

Fans of lonely wandering, challenging combat and terrifying scenery will be thrilled to bits! Join the giveaway, follow Tara Babcock into darkness and win the next part of the cult series. Since these days are all about Dark Souls III!

In the third part of the game, you play as a nameless warrior who must defeat Lord of Cinder and in order to do that you must enter a very dark path... And yes, like in the previous parts, it won’t be easy, but isn’t that what you were waiting for?

The difficult and exciting journey begins! Enemies lurking behind every corner, outstanding images, brand new weapons, a new combat system, and of course, this one of a kind, everlasting darkness, that you won’t find anywhere else!  

The League of Legends player can’t wait for Dark Souls III

Most of you know that Tara usually plays League of Legends or StarCraft. What you may not know is that Tara also has a dark side… She has barely played DS series, although she has had walkthroughs on all of the bosses from Bloodborne, and every fan of Dark Souls knows that it stands for something.

Here you can get back to your nightmares with Tara in the ancient city of Yharnam!

Tara claims that Bloodborne sharpened her appetite and now she hankers for more!

Join the giveaway and enter the never-ending darkness!

How to join the competition? As usual: quick and easy! All you need to do is use the app below and follow Kinguin and Tara Babcock on social media. Two game keys are waiting!

Embrace the Darkness with Tara and Grab one of 2 Dark Souls III keys!

The giveaway starts on April 8th, ends on April 14th, and the winners will be announced on April 15th. You have 7 days from the results announcement to contact us at: [email protected] to collect the prize. Just please include in the message title "Embrace the Darkness with Tara and Grab one of 2 Dark Souls III keys!".

Good luck guys!