Kinguin launches eCommerce API giving merchants hassle free wholesale access to over 15k games

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our API for eCommerce solution. External stores and merchant partners can now easily list, price, and sell video games on their own websites using Kinguin’s inventory without the woes of a digital storefront - all at zero cost to them.

Partners will have instant access to up to an inventory of up to 15,000 games from Kinguin. Game listings can be customized with descriptions, pricing, and more to match their existing storefronts. Merchants will never need to worry about ordering or inventory - simplifying the selling and buying experience for all parties involved. The entire platform is backed by Kinguin’s award winning customer service and automated order processing.

How it Works

Merchants using the API for eCommerce begin by setting up a balance with Kinguin that acts as a down payment for accessing the game inventory.  They can then pick and individually list, with custom descriptions and prices, any of the 15,000 games from the Kinguin API to their own website. Inventory is automatically processed through the Kinguin API for eCommerce so there are never worries of running out of game keys. Kinguin has them covered.

Customers see no difference or delays when they purchase from merchant site, orders are automatically processed through the API with no middleman delays. Keys are sent immediately with confirmation of automated purchase approval. The cost of each purchase of a title from the merchant listings is deducted from the existing balance held with Kinguin. Any problems will be solved with Kinguin’s professional, award winning 24/7 customer service.

How much it Costs

Using the new API for eCommerce has no direct cost for the merchants other than the wholesale cost of the games that are sold. Kinguin hopes that businesses can take advantage of the large volume of titles and keys that are available at to support sales on their storefronts.

How to use the API?

  • External store owners can access the API now and are invited to apply HERE. Click the “Apply Now” button to begin.

  • After completing the application, users will be invited to add and provide store verification.

  • A administrator will verify the store and if approved, generate the merchant credentials.

  • Once merchants are provided with  credentials, they can connect to the Kinguin API and start store integrations such as importing their list of products with price, stock, descriptions, and other attributes.

  • Merchants can then set a balance in their account and begin selling with the Kinguin API for eCommerce.