Meet the lucky winners of #KinguinDH Selfie Competition!

Dreamhack Events are enjoying popularity among the gamers from all around the globe. Cyber sports enthusiasts arrive in the thousands on the sport arena and in millions in front of computers.

This time was no different, Kinguin visited Jönköping himself!

You may have spotted him somewhere in that crowd. You may even have taken a selfie with him, and if you did you had a chance to win one of fantastic prizes.

Every selfie taken together with Kinguin, tagged with #KinguinDH and posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter was an opportunity for one of 30 vouchers worth €30 each.

The envelope has been opened. It’s time to announce the winners.

Kinguin pointed winners all by himself, although he admitted that the choice was really hard.

Here is the list of 30 lucky winners:

      • Stephan Jønsson ‏@Four04Cix
      • ChiroNaku Jun 19
      • Jan-Eric Wahlgren
      • SweEmmiii
      • oskiboyyyy
      • Christopherhalv0rsen
      • Morfologen
      • Maxbjorken
      • Mackemcdarp
      • Lucas_raunio
      • _wallen_
      • Emilappelqvi
      • Zyivi
      • Davisho_00
      • Askebo22
      • linus.sundback
      • patrickolausson
      • Tulleander
      • Raiinb0wh0e
      • swe1man
      • emi2woody
      • justcallmeoscar
      • Nina Hartelius
      • Jenny Quethrok Svensson
      • Merel/Blackbird95
      • Sam Peppr ‏
      • Nuno Pinho
      • Isak Jensen
      • Mikaela
      • Englathast

Congratulations to all of you! Thank you for taking part in our competition, it was a great adventure!




How to collect the prize? Please contact us at [email protected] within 7 days from the announcement and include #KinguinDH in the message or its title.

Once again big thanks to all of you! YOU GUYS ROCK!