4 weeks of celebration! Kinguin and DingIt are giving away vouchers!

DingIt offers an unparalleled viewer experience. They are a sponsor of high quality and high profile eSport events related to the top games like: Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

In cooperation with Kinguin they’re hosting Operation Kinguin #3, a CS:GO tournament, where high-skilled teams compete for fantastic prizes. The prize pool is $20.000, so it’s worth fighting for!

You can watch the tournament on www.dingit.tv/Kinguin_net

CS:GO brings together a wide gaming audience. Operation Kinguin provides the highest level gameplay. What’s more, you can catch some cool stuff while watching the tournament, like game keys or vouchers to spend on Kinguin.

Because the finals of Operation Kinguin #3 are very close, we decided to do something special for all of you. From today on throughout the next 4 weeks you can get 2 x €20 voucher each week! Which means we have 8 x €20 voucher to give away! Hurry up and join the competition!

How to enter?
As usual, use the application below and follow social media channels of DingIt and Kinguin. The more you follow, the bigger your chance is.

Winners of the first week: 

#1624 Felix M

#281 Jani

Winners of the second week:

#2065 Diogo

#1796 Alen P

Winners of the third week:

#929 LanLan R

#790 Marcin Z

4 weeks of celebration! Kinguin and DingIt are giving away vouchers! Week 4

The competition starts on June 15th and ends on August 15th. The winners of the fourth week will be announced on August 15th.