One million plays Diablo 3 every day!

Former Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson reveals dungeon crawler draws 3 million unique players per month; Auction House a problem Blizzard is working on!


Diablo III logs around 1 million unique players per day, former game director Jay Wilson revealed today during a Game Developers Conference panel titled "Shout at the Devil: The Making of Diablo III."


Wilson also noted that over 3 million unique gamers play Diablo III every month. After spending six years on Diablo III, Wilson announced in January that he is transferring to a new team within Blizzard Entertainment. You can buy Diablo III on Kinguin for only €38.99! 


Also during his talk today, Wilson admitted that Diablo III's auction houses--both real-money and in-game--have negatively impacted the game. Though 50 percent of all players make use of the auction houses, Wilson explained that making real-world money has become more of a motivating factor for players than killing Diablo. He said the team at Blizzard is working to remedy the situation, though nothing specific was mentioned.