Do you have a Dell laptop? Don't use VLC Player!

If you have a laptop from Dell and have installed VLC Media Player, the warranty for the built-in speakers may be invalidated - at least that's what the manufacturer says.

VLC has a feature that can make the audio seem louder than other players. VLC achieves this by using a process that creates hard clipping which can damage small speakers.

Be aware that you can be denied warranty service on the speakers just by having the player, whether you use it or not. The suggestion is to remove all players before contacting Tech Support, leaving only Windows Media Player.

If you choose to use the VLC player, it is suggested that you do not set the volume higher than 100% in order to avoid potential damage to the speakers. Even if you use the recommended Windows Media Player, they said that you should avoid playing music on a level higher than 90%!

What do you think about that? Have you ever tried to use over 100% of the speakers' power?