Defiance with new DLC's!?

Developer Trion Worlds announced this week that five downloadable content updates are coming to the game in 2013, the first of which will introduce the Castithan species.


Defiance: This $10 update will allow gamers to play as the Castithan species and will unlock a new story mission line and a new Battle Arena game mode. The update also brings a new four-player "truck of doom," as well as new pursuits and a Charge Weapons starter pack.

New Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 achievements and trophies are also up for grabs in the content. For a full rundown of content and features included with the Castithan expansion, check out the post on the game's website.

Gamers who don't wish to pay $10 for the Castithan expansion will still receive new content via an update. It will add access to a new open-world game mode called Sieges, as well as a player-versus-player map titled Military Academy, among other things. Check out the full post for more.

Defiance launched in April and has seen over 1 million registrations to date.