Meet Nestle01 and win CS:GO weapon finishes!

We are happy to announce that from May 19th the Kinguin Family is strengthened by a new team member –
Vanessa “Nestle01” Holmes.

This is the perfect occasion to celebrate, and you already know how we celebrate at Kinguin, yeah, we throw giveaways!

Who is Nestle01?

Playing games has become Vanessa “Nestle01” Holmes’ biggest passion. She started to run her Twitch Channel in 2015 and she’s getting more and more popular each day. Now she has over 53 000 followers.

This 24 year old Australian CS:GO streamer and PR student dreams about a career in
e-sports after graduation. Cooperation with Kinguin can be a nice kick-off!

Join the giveaway with Nestle01 and grab one of following skins:

      • AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New)
      • P90 | Death by Kitty (Minimal Wear)
      • Nova | Bloomstick (Factory New)

The rules are, as always, simple – to enter the giveaway use the app below to follow, like and subscribe to Kinguin and Nestle01 social media.

Meet Nestle01 and win CS:GO weapon finishes!

The giveaway starts on 19th May and ends on 23rd May.

Winners will be announced on 23rd May.

Good Luck!