CS:GO Kickstarter Package

Have you ever wanted to try out one of the most popular shooting game? But you were waiting for the perfect moment?
Stop searching! Now is your best chance to get a great first impression on the battlefield.

Purchase the special CS:GO bundle and you will get a special gift - €2 discount code for CS:GO skins. You can instantly use your gift code and suit up with this CS:GO 1 Random Skin | Kinguin Case.

Or you can browse all the amazing skins - Individual Skins  and all Random packages and get them €2 cheaper!

How cool is that?

Quick summary and details for the promotion:

  • The bundle includes 2 items: CS:GO main game and €2 gift code for skins
  • Purchase the special CS:GO product for 5.49 and you will get a €2 discount code!
  • You can use this code only for CS:GO Skins
  • The €2 code can be used until 31st of March, only one code can be used per account.