Kinguin giveaway with xChocoBARS and Cowsep. The Beauty and The Beast among the streamers!

The Beauty and The Beast of Team2g know that you are probably DYING to play the most anticipated game of this month - Dying Light! Your chance is now.

There can be only one winner? Nope! This competition is a possibility for four!
2x Dying Light, a long awaited survival horror video game, developed by polish Techland and 2x $40 to spend on Kinguin.

Called The Queen by her followers XChocobars brings unique style to her stream. Although to us she looks more like a princess:) She is one of the most entertaining females in League today and If she is the  Beauty he has to be the Beast...or something like it.
His cow look alike hat has become his trade mark. Cowsep “le funny league man” is also a Team2g player, he is the current Master Tier on Korea and Diamon1 on USA.

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Kinguin giveaway with xChocoBARS and Cowsep
Good night. Good luck!
May the best gamers win!
Winners will be announced here on 26th of January!