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  • the problem
    the problem

    I quite often hear that someone has problems connecting PS3 Dualshock3 pad to PC. Some even say that this is impossible. They are wrong and here is short tutorial how to do it easily within a few minutes.

  • What do we need?
    What do we need?

    - an original Sony Sixaxis / Dualshock 3 (didn't check with replacements)
    - a USB->miniUSB type B cable - standard cable that comes with game pad
    - MotioninJoy - download here
    - (optional) a bluetooth dongle - for wireless connection

  • Installation

    - Unpack the downloaded program and install it on your hard drive (it may ask for permission for installing not digitally assigned drivers)

    - connect DualShock via USB to the computer. Windows should detect the game controller and install its own internal driver

    - open the MotioninJoy Gamepad tool. If our PS3 pad should be already found, then you will receive this information:

    If PC didn't find the controller, you will have to install the driver manually - find the folder 'driver' in the path in which the software is installed, right click on it and click 'install'

    - to check if everything works, click the [Vibration Testing] button

    - to connect the pad to bluetooth, go to the 'Driver Manager' tab and choose dongle by marking the appropriate checkbox and click 'Load driver'. Remember that this operation has to be repeated after each time you pair your pad with the console.

  • Profile tab
    Profile tab

    DualShock 3 can work in 6 different modes after connecting to PC - 5 predefined by software developers and one custom.

    In practice only 3 modes are useful.
    - - to use with PS2 emulators
    - - to use the gyroscope - useful only if you are developers since almost non AAA game is using it
    - - optimal to use with all games that use the Xbox controler

  • Summing up
    Summing up

    I do not recomend to change other options in the software since it it still in test phase and I've encounter various problems associated with that. Of course you can change languages in appropriate tab but translations are incomplete so better avoid that also.