team2G for kinguin

Win Far Cry4, The Crew and Dragon Age: Inquisition with Kinguin and Team2g!

Do you like getting free stuff? Who doesn't?! Team2g and Kinguin know that and we give you this opportunity once again! This week you have a chance to win:

- Dragon Age: Inqusition
- Far Cry 4 
-The Crew

Team2g is an organization uniting top streamers and gaming advocates. Their Twitch channels are followed by over 2 millions viewers from all over the world. They know how important gaming is and this is why they are using every possible effort to support their community.

Team2g team is also helping to raise funds for charity in every possible way! They are supporting Kinguin in our upcomming Kinguin For Charity event – Christmas Hearthstone Tournament. If you want to join world's top Hearthstone players and support children at the same time- now you have a chace to do that! Click HERE for more information. During the tournament all of you will have a possibility to win a headset signed by Trick2g! Stay tuned!

Kinguin is a global marketplace that has one big mission: bring the best games in the best possible prices! With Kinguin everyone can SAVE ON EVERY GAME! Our family has over 1,5 million members, and is constantly growing. If you love games and low prices – join us now!

Winner will be announced here on 6th of December, good luck! 

Team2g and Kinguin Giveaway!