Command and Conquer: Red Alert celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Oct. 31 marks the 20th anniversary of the game that redefined the RTS genre - Command & Conquer: Red Alert! What was so special about this production back in 1996? Why was it so revolutionary (one reason being that it included the Soviets!)?

First of all, the game employed a sophisticated, yet simple to use interface. A player could queue commands and arrange units into combat groups, making them much easier to manage on the battlefield. The most important thing, however, was the fact that the interface was easy to use and intuitive - therefore players could quickly learn how to play.

C&C: Red Alert, as the first RTS game included two factions with completely different characteristics. Soviets and Allies - both sides of the conflict, had varying strengths and weaknesses. The former had powerful armored units, but was rather weak at the sea. The latter had weaker land units, but its navy was ruling the waters. The pros and cons of each faction were up to the player to discover. This was what made C&C: Red Alert exceptional among other RTSs of the times, in which units had similar capabilities and victory could be achieved simply by outnumbering the enemy.

C&C:Red Alert also had one of the first competitive multiplayer platforms allowing for even more hours of gameplay and even more options of developing one’s strategies. 

They say old love never dies and C&C: Red Alert is surely an example of that! Even after 20 years the game is still exciting and demanding, which is everything a good RTS needs!