Aliens?! CoD Ghosts Preview

Call of Duty: Ghosts is quite literally around the corner. Although CoD's are usually thought to be copies of older ones, with much recycling done, something is different this time.

The official Call of Duty: Ghosts Instagram account created a video, for a game-mode called Call of Duty: Extinction. It appears that the good ol' zombies are history now, with aliens taking over. The trailer, which was released yesterday, includes some interesting stuff. It appears that the point of the game-mode is to find a hive, drill a hole into it and drop a bomb inside it. After that... well, you run!

Soon after, several screenshots were released, showcasing some challenges created for Extinction. There's everything from your ordinary "Don't let the drill take any hits until it has successfully finished" to "Only use pistols in a single mission". To kill the aliens, you have available the "normal" weapons (and possible superweapons, if the mode is anything like Zombies) and called-in power ups, such as a gunship helicopter or an aimed missile. Some heavier weapons include rocket launchers, a hand-held minigun and a sentry-gun. Also with the "dynamic maps" you can now, for example, electrocute a fence to kill aliens climbing it or shoot at a fuel-drum and cause it to explode. Many more of these kind of features can be expected, as there's no current info on how many maps the Extinction will be available on.

Several different types of enemies are also seen, ranging from the "swarm" of weaker units, to some more strong and menacing looking ones

The good news is, this is CO-OP for the maximum of 4 players. This might just be a successful reboot to the Spec Ops missions. Others say it's the "generic horde mode that's been in all FPS games for the last century". Time will tell what's the truth.