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You know what's even better than a good DLC? A free good DLC. And above all that there's Techland, who's just announced ten (!) new DLCs to their famous Dying Light. Although we don't know their specific dates, we can expect them to be released gradually over the next 12 months.

Why would Techland put so much effort into reviving the hype around their 2015 game? The rumor has it that the studio spent the last two years working on a sequel.

For those who never heard of the Dying Light - it's an open world first person zombie survival. Praised for its unique movement system and dynamic day-night system, Dying Light did what was seemingly impossible and put some fresh air into the genre. Instead of walking down the streets and shooting zombies, you will find yourself jumping between rooftops, crafting new weapons (the game offers more than 1000 craftable weapons) & having fun with a grappling hook and acrobatic movements.

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