Get the games you've always wanted in Kinguin's Wishlist Contest. Tell us what are your top 5 desired titles and explain why you wish to play them for a chance to grab all of them FREE.

Use the application below to enter game titles and short explanations of your choices. The authors of three most interesting, fun or creative answers will be rewarded.

Which games to pick? The choice is yours. Simply copy the titles you have on your Kinguin Wishlist or make an entirely new selection. Just make sure the games from your list are available on


  • 1st Place – All 5 games from your wishlist
  • 2nd Place – Top 3 games from your wishlist
  • 3rd Place – Top 1 game from your wishlist

The contest starts on 22 November and ends on 25 November. Read Terms and Conditions included in Gleam before joining. Don't forget to use the „Share” option in the app below to let your friends know about the giveaway. Good luck!

Black Friday Kinguin Contest

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