Kinguin to launch Bitcoin Cash as one of early adopters

Bitcoin Cash, currently the 2nd most traded cryptocurrency on the market (, is being introduced as another payment method on the Kinguin platform for trading digital games and in-game items.

One of the great things about the cryptocurrency is that its network cost are extremely low (less than a single cent), and that the partnership with Bitpay ensures our customers a seamless user journey. The buyers using Kinguin  will have the choice to pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

How does it work?

The customer who wants to pay with Bitcoin clicks the cryptocurrency’s icon and then makes a choice between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin to pay the invoice.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

The network cost of Bitcoin depends on the state of the network itself. Under heavy load, the amount charged can dramatically increase. There are just too many transactions compared to what the network can process, and in such case only transactions with a high fee can enter the blockchain. To avoid it, we’ve enabled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions, with a very minor networking fee.

Kinguin was also the early adopters to launch Bitcoin back in 2015. Ahead of the game, We're all for freedom of choice, so choose whatever payment method suits our users best.

Faheem Bakshi, Head of Payments, Kinguin