Kinguin and BitPay join forces to give you the freedom of choice

Kinguin and BitPay join forces to give you the freedom of choice

Kinguin is the place to go for thousands and thousands of great video games. We let you pay for them any way you like – from now on also with bitcoin. We've entered a partnership with BitPay to give you the widest choice of payment options.

Bitcoin is, to put it simply, "Internet cash”. It's online money that's not only easy to use (you just need your smartphone), but also very secure and cheaper than most payment methods. The level of identity protection makes bitcoin frauds virtually impossible. The processing fee on every transaction is less than 1%, which is significantly lower than 3% charge for credit card transactions.

BitPay is a transaction platform we joined to provide you simple, safe and easy bitcoin payments.

"Every website needs to acknowledge that bitcoin isn't some vague futuristic concept”, Kinguin's Senior Business Analyst Faheem Bakshi said. - "bitcoin is already here, it works great and is demanded by thousands of gamers. It's a cross-border payment method that allows us to reach new clients and give users even more payment options. We're all for freedom of choice, so choose whatever payment method suits you best”.

How to buy games with bitcoin?

First, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have one yet we recommend opening one at, which is one of the most secure wallets available today. Purchase bitcoins from a person you know or use an online exchange in your country. Now you're just three steps from purchasing games with bitcoins!

1. go to Kinguin's store, pick your games and select bitcoin in the checkout.

2. scan the transaction's QR code with the wallet application on your smartphone.

3. press "Send” to confirm the purchase.

As you can see, bitcoin payment is useful, easy and really quick.

Have fun with your new games!

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