Beef up your weapon!

The Team Kinguin CS:GO ESL Cologne stickers are already accessible on the Steam Community Market! Get them now and pimp your gun!

Do you want to make other CS:GO players jealous? We know exactly how to do that! New, amazing Team Kinguin CS:GO ESL Cologne stickers are already making a splash in the Internet! 

damn i love my new stickers :OOOO btw i will play some DM join me on our own DM server :D

Posted by Miss Rage on Friday, August 14, 2015

ScreaM,Maikelele, rain, fox, dennis– stickers with names of your favorite CS:GO team members look extremely impressive! No wonder that everybody wants them on their weapons. However, if you empathize with the whole Kinguin Team instead of a single player there is more: Team Kinguin | Cologne and Team Kinguin (Foil) | Cologne 2015. And the tidbit for those who like surprises – the Autograph Capsule.

Your weapon defines you, make it look extraordinary!