Join the Battlefield with @StodehTV

Kinguin is recruiting soldiers and we need your help. Join the epic action of Battlefield 1 and follow the lead of Stodeh, a top tier player. Do you have the skills to succeed in this massive battle?

Stodeh is an awesome streamer and a talented FPS player. Kinguin is proud to partner with a gamer who offers such great content!

You could learn a thing or two and improve your gameplay by watching his stream. If that’s not enough reason to get interested we are also giving away free games!

Follow Stodeh and Kinguin on social media using the gleam app below. Then you’ll be entered into this contest. The prizes are two copies of Battlefield 1 and two copies of Titanfall 2. Don’t wait, this contest ends Nov. 13


Giveaway with Stodeh - BF1 + Titanfall 2