Battlefield 4 Specs Released

DICE tweeted a couple of days ago a picture listing the PC specifications needed to play their flagship shooter Battlefield 4

Does your PC have what it takes to play one of the most successful franchises ever made? Let’s see:


Well how do you fair? My guess would be pretty darn well, considering what we have seen of BF4 these specs are definitely doable within a reasonable budget for the more cash strapped among us. If you are PC gaming on a regular basis I am sure many of you possess something more substantial than a HD3870 or 8800GT, for the silly money amazing mid-range GPU’s go for nowadays I expect to see many of you maxing out BF4 at 1080p (excluding AA). As for CPU’s if you are running something worse than a Core 2 Duo in this day and age then you should just turn off your PC right now.

I myself run a 780 and i7 more than enough for BF4 (little brag sorry).

A contentious decision I have heard across multiple websites is the recommended OS being Windows 8. I personally was one of the haters but after 7 died on me a while ago I decided to try 8 and I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was (after getting used to metro which I love now).

Anyway enough but me what do you guys think? Are the specs reasonable and can you run the game? Or simply how much are you looking forward to the massive battles that occur within Battlefield?

For reference Battlefield 4 is out November 1st.