Kinguin is proud of our victorious Battlefield 1 soldiers

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Battlefield 1 contest. We’re glad that so many of you are hyped to play this new game. However, not every soldier can be victorious.

The heroes of this battle are:

  • Robert O.
  • Richárd J.
  • Pablo L
  • Michael K
  • Martin P
  • Kamil A.
  • Roy P.
  • Hakan D.
  • Loc N.
  • Christian L.
  • Jason A.
  • Nadav Y.
  • Alexander D.
  • Simone M.
  • Patrick H.
  • Stein T.

Thanks again for joining this Kinguin giveaway.

Good luck in the war of Battlefield 1.

Kinguin Team