Bethesda Annouced Their Next Project - Battlecry

Battlecry is described as ''a new team action game where brutality and beauty collide'' on their official website.

The game is taking place in a world where gun powder has been banned following a cataclysmic world war at the dawn of the 20th century and as it is announced on their website its multiplayer will include up to 32 players.

''Take on the role of an elite warrior and engage in brutal, high-action, 32-player battles in a variety of gameplay modes. Responsive, smooth controls unleash violent, high-impact, and stunning combo attacks previously reserved for modern brawlers. Dynamic movement allows you to seamlessly grapple, evade and mantle to quickly cover distances and evade the other team. Engage in combat and use the game’s Adrenaline system to unlock special powers for a short time or conserve Adrenaline to unleash your lethal Ultimate ability when the time is right. In BATTLECRY, your skill, timing, and teamwork create a diverse gameplay experience.''

For more info on the project check:
- Battlecry official website
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