Kinguin For Charity - Day 2 Quarterfinals Recap

Round of 8 just came to its closure and we have all of our semi-finalists up and ready to rumble!

Powder vs Hosty:

If that best of five (sic!) could have had a movie title, then it would definitely be something along the lines of “The Zoo Returns”. As of now, we are unable to make a statistical assumption about the upcoming zoo decks; however it seems as if both Annoy-o Trons and Enhance-o Mechanos are going to be quite powerful in this kind of a deck. Whether we are going to see more Warlocks in the round of 4 – we can almost be sure that if one slips by, it will only mean that a Paladn or Warrior will receive the ban in its stead. Powder has really shown us just how powerful Warlock is in a zoo deck, but we are yet to see a highly successful Handlock in our tournament.

Firebat vs Tidesoftime:

Even though Firebat came into this match as a heavy favorite, he actually received quite a vast opposition from Tides. In game one Firebat displayed that both Warlock and Paladin can be beaten if you get good early game draws that you let stabilize the board for mid and late game. In game number three, we had could observe a Warrior mirror matchup in which Tides managed to come out on top, which gave him a lot of momentum given that Firebat was only left with two aggro and tempo based decks. In game four Tides left Firebat with no chances of coming back, which forced the World Champion to play his new variation of a Miracle Rogue. Eventually, Firebat came out ahead by rushing down Tides during game five, where he displayed just how much threat the new Rogue spells brought into the game.

Amaz vs Neirea:

All Amaz fans have been waiting for a match, where we would finally see the strongest Priest player bring out a new deck into the Meta game. One of the most game changing card picks was by all means Blingtron 3000 as it caught Neirea off guard both times it saw the light of the game. It is also worth noting that there were double Recombobulators in the Priest deck, which might be the only class that is going to run two copies of this guy; simply because it has an insane synergy with Shadow Madness. Neirea put up valiant effort and stood up to the challenge, bringing the match into a full best of five; I must admit that his Warrior playstyle is extremely intriguing and I believe that was the main factor in his victory over Amaz’s Priest.

StrifeCro vs Frezzar:

I just cannot emphasize this enough: StrifeCro’s deck creating skills are just bounds and leaps ahead of the Meta game. His Paladin is a joy for the viewers and a serious pain in the neck for his enemies. What is even more important, StrifeCro has still managed to hide all of his other decks and he is the only player that has actually achieved this status in the entire Kinguin for Charity tournament. If the other three decks are at least half as complex and thought out as his Paladin, I believe Amaz is going to find himself in an extremely tough spot. We have to remember that C9’s StrifeCro is also running a Mage deck and if there is anything that we have learnt about the upcoming changes to the classes that were once unpopular – they might become one of the most powerful classes if given enough time, as players are still innovating quite a lot. I can promise you that if anyone forces StrifeCro to play his other decks, you will be as confused as you will be amazed!