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  • All on board!
    All on board!

    Probably everyone at some point in his or her life wished to become a pirate. Sail across the oceans and seas, plunder the ships and pick up beautiful ladies. Spend free time lying unter a palm tree and drinking rum. Read a few facts about real pirate life.

  • Facts

    How do we know so much about pirates?

    You have probably didn't know but most of our knowledge about pirates comes from one single book. The name of the book written in 1724 is "A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates". The authorship of "History" is debatable - some say that it was written by Captain Charles Johnson and the others claim that it was written by the author of "Robinson Crusoe" - Daniel Defoe.

  • Kidnappings

    Pirates vs Julius Caesar.

    Kidnappings for ransom were already known in the first century BC or even earlier. However, from a logistical point of view, that weren't so perfect. You should at least know who you have kidnapped, because it is quite an important factor in determining the amount of the ransom, isn't it? Imagine the astonishment of Julius Caesar, when the pirates demanded twenty talents for him. That certainly was not a high price for the life of the emperor, who even suggested to the pirates to at least double the rate.

  • Treasure

    Treasure awaits... still

    One of the most famous pirates was a French corsair Oliver Levasseur. When he was caught on the Island of Bourbon he was sentenced to death by hanging. But a moment before execution he threw a necklace with the inscription leading to his treasure into the crowd. Levesseur's last words were: "Find my treasure, you who can read it."

    Despite the fact that necklace did not survive to our times, the code did and the treasure is still waiting for its discoverer.

  • Treasure part 2
    Treasure part 2

    Who would bury the treasure?

    Okay, there were pirates who hid a lot of gold on uninhabited islands in chests under the sand, but most of them had better ideas to use it - for example rum. Secondly, gold wasn't their usual treasure. Much more often it was were materials, food, precious spices -  anything that buried in the earth would be destroyed very quickly.

  • Battles

    Pirates vs monks

    Have you ever wondered who would win - Blackbeard or a Shaolin monk? In 1553 when the coasts of China and Japan were being plundered by pirates, both countries asked Shaolin monks for help. And they gave it. In the final battle 120 monks faced 120 pirates. 120 pirates died... and only 4 monks.

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