Kinguin Indie Valley teams up with Curve Digital. Epic AAA Indie Games Sale, live now!

A lineup of excellent indie games -- all up to 90% cheaper! -- the family expands! Kinguin Indie Valley and Curve Digital have come together to forge a great partnership! Curve Digital are the patrons of some of the best independent developers and to celebrate this, we are launching a massive AAA Indie Games Sale campaign together.

Curve Digital is responsible for supporting many titles that are now widely considered as Triple-A amongst the indie games industry. The company provides the creators with financial, internal production, and marketing support while leaving full creative control in the hands of developers to keep their independence, allowing them to bring their visions to life.

AAA INDIE GAME SALE features up to 90% discounts on the games introduced to Indie Valley by Curve Digital. All titles are considered some of the best indie titles ever created (hence the nickname “AAA indie games”). The list includes such hits as:

  • Human: Fall Flat – one of the biggest indie hits ever. Overcome obstacles and solve physics-based puzzles in a wacky and fully interactive world. You can grab anything and go anywhere. Imagination is the limit.

  • Serial Cleaner – you've never heard of a perfect crime. That's why it's perfect. Play as the man who makes sure no evidence remains. Jump in for sneaky action, stylish hand-drawn graphics and the cool vibe of the 70s.

  • The Flame in the Flood – the world you knew is gone, washed away in a calamitous flood. Navigate its remains and survive in the new wilderness with only your faithful dog as a companion. An artful and impressive game.

The sale starts on the 6th of July and ends on the 9th. Don’t lose your chance at grabbing these amazing games with up to 90% discount now!

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