8 Worst Game Controllers Ever Made (or prototyped)

Do you have your favourite gamepad? Or maybe you prefer mouse and keyboard? That really doesn't matter today. Today I will show you 8 game controllers that in my opinion won't be anyones favorites.

1. NES-Konami Laser Scope

NES-Konami Laser Scope

Headphones, microphone and laser scope. Sounds nice? Well I can't imagine playing fast action FPS like BF4 or CoD:Ghost on it without twisting my neck, but what could possibly go wrong in Wolvenstein 3D? This is “slow action” game, super precise aiming is not so necessary , even low quality sound won't be a problem. What left? Right – microphone. To shoot a player had to almost shout "fire". With the poor quality of the microphone, each environment sound meant that the controller does not recognize the command. And you thought that lags make players aggressive.

2. Atari Mindlink

Mind link

This could be trully next-gen technology. Could you imagine control games by thoughts? It's hard to do it now not to mention in 1984! World would be so perfect... if only it would work. Controller equipped with infrared sensors instead of mind-reading module worked on the principle of recognizing facial muscle movements. As you might guess it was not a very good solution. Many players have complained of headaches caused by excessive muscle movements responsible for facial expressions, mainly eyebrows. Sorry Atary – jumped the gun, but who knows, maybe this generation is prepared for it.

3. Alphagrip ag 5


Gaming Keyboard, Game Pad and Ergonomic Trackball. Sound's too much?
Yes it is. However after only one or two years of training, when you will finally remember where each letter is and learn how to use 10 fingers as a time you will be able write posts on FB faster than anyone else.

4. DK Bongos

dk bongos

Bongos are classic Cuban musical instruments made up of two connected drums. Donkey Kong Bongos supposed to release music talent in the player, whose task was tapping melody in the music. This instrument as a game controller was obviously not a good idea and very quickly proved to be a commercial failure.

5. Zalman FPS Gun Mouse FG1000

fps gun

This is something that everyone wants! Holding mose like a real gun? Cool! Yeah, right.
Aiming left and right is perfect but up and down might be problematic. Sometimes it is easier to move whole desk than aim a little bit lower. You have big hands – also forgot about it. And you can believe me – I've bought it.

6. eDimensional Access Controller


Idea was good – create universal game controler that players could adjust to their hands. Works both on ps3 and x360. Unfortunately this didn't work out and as the result gamers received huge and heave brick that is imposible to hold not to mention glaying any game.

7. Cooking Mama Utensils

wii cook

If you thought that plastic swords and golf cubs for nintendo wii were inpractical, what can you say about that? Now you can spend hours of “cooking” without the best part of it – eating.

8. Intel Wireless Gamepad


Intel also wanted to have own game pad. Futuristic shape resembling the letter U supposed to be like a magnet to attract players. Shape is weird, right? As you may guess there is a reason why we don't have u-shaped controlers – it is simply not very handy. Also Intel Pad was very delicate – even drop from 30 cm ended up with critical damage.